What Ending Prejudice Will Mean For Us All

Beyond the obvious moral reason—because it’s the right thing to do—ending prejudice will benefit everyone who lives and works in Duxbury.

  • First and foremost, those who’ve been targets of hate will no longer live in fear.
  • People who’ve faced discrimination will be free to live, work and play where they will.
  • Members of groups who felt unwelcome will move here, making this a more diverse and vibrant community.
  • The reputation of Duxbury will improve, increasing home values.
  • Employers will find more people willing to work here.
  • Our children will grow up without the burdens of hate and fear.
  • Less anger, suspicion and guilt will reduce stress and improve our health.
  • With less fear, we’ll all feel safer.
  • Freed from biases, we’ll find more common cause.
  • Solving this problem will inspire us to work together to solve other pressing problems.
  • We’ll be deeply proud of this town and what it stands for.