Our Vision

Prejudice Free Duxbury is a movement begun by the Duxbury Rotary Club and concerned organizations and individuals who believe it’s time we end racism and all forms of prejudice in our town. Our vision for Duxbury is a community that is safe and welcoming to all, regardless of race, religion, income, ethnicity or gender orientation.

While we’re not here to point the finger at any group or to push a radical agenda, we believe strongly that prejudice has deep roots in every community in America, including Duxbury, and that ending prejudice and the fear and hate that accompany it will take concerted action by our schools, government, civic and religious groups, employers, and of course, every caring person in town. 

To achieve our goal, we invite those who share our vision to join us in planning and hosting programs that will get us listening to each other, thinking about our own biases, and working together to effect lasting change.

"If you see something that is not right, that is not fair, that is not just, you have a moral obligation to do something about it." Congressman John Lewis 1940-2020