Racial biases are understood as stereotypes and the individual understanding of specific racial groups.This is highlighted in how different races are portrayed in the media. We can identify these biases in ways African Americans are portrayed in stereotypes known as the blackbuck and the sapphire. The understanding of these stereotypes is that Afican American men are viewed as dangerous and African American women are viewed as sassy and caretakers. We see this everyday and subconsciously agree with and normalize these biases. We find that these stereotypes play a huge role in American society and our own towns.
The following link allows you to view the number of white students in comparison to other minority groups at Duxbury High School in the 2019-2020 school year. 

These statistics are not only found in the schools. The town of Duxbury alone is over 95% white, proving that the understanding of racism in Duxbury needs to go beyond the actual town. Being able to understand and involve yourself includes being open minded and present in racial injustices that are taking place around the United States and being welcoming to these minority groups in Duxbury.

This link allows you to view instances of hate crime in the United States in the year of 2019. In this link you will find statistics regarding hate crimes in the United States though images and charts provided by the FBI and where these acts took place.