Deep Listening Sessions

When we listen to speakers, we can’t help but think about our own experiences, which means we usually don’t listen carefully; we’re really interpreting and personalizing what we hear. We're hosting a series of listening sessions, where people who have experienced racism and other form of prejudice will tell us their stories. We hope, through careful listening, to truly hear what they experienced, be moved by it, and begin the process of personal change.

Social Forum for Experiences

We're creating forums on Facebook and Instagram where you can post your testimonial -- your experiences either with prejudice, dealing with your own prejudice, or helping to effect change. We hope members of the Duxbury community will read these posts, add their own thoughts and share with friends.

Zero Incidents School Program

Our best hope for creating a prejudice-free community lies in educating our children to the importance of this issue. To that end, we're working with the Duxbury School Department to help develop and promote educational programs for students, teachers and parents that lead to zero-incidents of hate speech in our schools.

Inherent Bias Workshops

We all have built-in biases about people who are different from us—some positive, many negative. Most of us aren’t even aware of these, but they can drive behavior that may offend others, without us even knowing it. We will host workshops that help us see these biases, and by recognizing them, begin to change the way we speak with and interact with others.